electronic components
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Product ideas

From customer
Our own

Market research/

We do
market analysis
for customers

Product Design

Finding best solution
to make product

>> Close co operation with research institutions like VTT in Finland Mechanical design
Electronic design


Finding best/suitable
>> Electronic components
>> Mechanincal parts


We make
for customers


We will make
necessary test for

>> Safety approvals
>> Electrical approvals
>> RF approvals

line design

We will design
whole product line:
>> Machines
>> Product line testers
>> Installation


Our skilled staff
can find any
components for
designed products


We can also
make product
for customer


Nordic Components

From Ideas - Through development - To products! This is the main strategy of Nordic Components. We want to help our customers to develop products that are specially designed for their project needs. Product ideas can be customers own vision of product - or our ideas.

Product Design is an important part of product development. In industrial design, the drawings are also needed for the patent applications. We are doing mechanical and electronic design - and our goal is to find the best solution to manufacture the product. To achieve that, we are doing close co-operation with research institutes like VTT in Finland.

Before product manufacturing we do components selection, prototyping and testing. Finding the best and most suitable electronic components and mechanical parts for the product is always needed. When the right parts have been found, our skilled staff can help you to proceed to prototypes, safety approvals, product line design, component sourcing and finally manufacturing.

In addition to product development and design, we are also doing market research and consulting. We offer practical tips to improve company's success in the target country. Nordic Components provides our clients with the expertise and execution to give your brand a competitive advantage.


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Complink is a Finnish supplier of electronic components.

The main product group are the displays. Other product groups are display drivers, LED's, LED drivers, RFID components, and reed relays, switches and sensors, PCB’s (printed circuit boards). Complink stands out from other standard display sellers and distributors, because it works directly with the manufacturers' representative. Complink helps it´s clients at every stage, from design and testing of the finished product and the mass production, until the final finished product.



Appcom Oy, a Finnish company focusing on electronics and automation design, has developed an automated system to monitor temperatures in food processing and bakery industries.

TEMEX was developed in close co-operation with bakery professionals. TEMEX is ideal for self-monitoring critical control points according to HACCP-model. System includes an easy-to-use web interface that is used for system control and printing out reports.



VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is a globally networked multitechnological contract research organization. VTT provides high-end technology solutions and innovation services. We enhance our customers’ competitiveness, thereby creating prerequisites for society’s sustainable development, employment, and wellbeing.



TQ Electronic Ltd. is specialized in data communications and RF components marketing, sales and technical support. TQ Electronic works with selected components manufacturers' representatives and takes care of their product marketing and sales and technical support in Finland.

TQ Electronic acts as a representative of the Consumer Microcircuits Ltd (CML), Synergy Microwave, Inc., New Japan Radio Co. Ltd., RADIOMETRIX Ltd. and Macroblock Inc. brands.

TQ Electronic´s products can be found in quartz crystals, crystal oscillators, crystal filters, clock oscillators, owen oscillators as well as other frequency references. In addition, data communication circuits, radio modules, telephone circuits, RFIC's, RF modules, analog circuits, and video cards.



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